22Pcs Acne Pimple Patch for Blemish-Free Skin


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Experience the ultimate skin protection and care with our innovative Hydrocolloid Patches. Shielding your skin against micro dust and germs, they promote faster recovery while preventing secondary infections. Crafted with low-stimulus moist dressing for optimal ventilation and minimal irritation. Your go-to multi-care solution for various skin concerns. Suitable for all ages and classified as top-notch quasi drugs. Say hello to worry-free skin care! Order now!

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Introducing our cutting-edge Hydrocolloid Patches for the ultimate skin protection and care! 🌟🌿 These patches are the game-changer you need to shield your skin from micro dust and germs while promoting speedy recovery. 💧💪 Say goodbye to worries about secondary infections and hello to a moisture-rich environment that minimizes scarring and gives your skin intensive care. 💧🌈
Crafted with a low-stimulus moist dressing, our Hydrocolloid Patches offer optimal wound ventilation, maximizing their effectiveness without causing any irritation. The clear and discreet design allows you to use them anytime, anywhere, without drawing unwanted attention. 🌬️💫
These patches are your go-to emergency and multi-care solution for various skin concerns. From covering skin trouble to addressing post-extrusion sebum and handling burns and moles, we’ve got you covered! Available in three sizes, you can pick the perfect fit for any wound size. 👌🔍
Rest assured, our Hydrocolloid Patches are classified as top-notch quasi drugs suitable for teenagers and adults alike. They create a clean environment for your wounded skin, providing robust protection against pesky secondary infections. 🛡️🔒
Ready to try them out? Here are the easy-to-follow instructions:
1️⃣ Cleanse the area around the problem spot thoroughly.
2️⃣ Select a patch size slightly larger than the problem spot and apply it directly onto the affected area.



🌿 Ingredients: Bamboo clear
👤 Skin Type: General
🎯 Product Specifications: Daily use, night use
📏 Net Content: 22 stickers (g/ml)
⏳ Shelf Life: 3 years
Say hello to worry-free skin care with our Acne Stickers! Order yours now! 🛍️💕
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22 Pcs Daily use, 22 Pcs night use


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What are Hydrocolloid Patches used for?

Hydrocolloid Patches are used to protect and care for wounded skin. They act as a shield against micro dust and germs, preventing secondary infections while promoting faster recovery.

How do these patches work?

These innovative patches create a moist environment that absorbs wound exudation, minimizing scarring and providing intensive care for your skin. They are crafted with low-stimulus moist dressing for optimal ventilation and reduced skin irritation.

What skin concerns do these patches address?

Hydrocolloid Patches are a versatile multi-care solution. They can be used for covering skin trouble, addressing post-extrusion sebum, and handling burns and moles effectively.

Are these patches suitable for all ages?

Yes, Hydrocolloid Patches are classified as quasi drugs and are suitable for anyone from teenagers to adults. They provide robust protection against secondary infections, creating a clean environment for wounded skin.

How many patches come in a package, and what is their shelf life?

Each package contains 22 stickers (g/ml) of Hydrocolloid Patches. The shelf life of these patches is three years, ensuring you have them ready whenever you need them for skin care emergencies.

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22Pcs Acne Pimple Patch for Blemish-Free Skin
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