Leg Correction Belt: O-Shape & X-Shape Leg Support Leggings


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Discover advanced leg correction leggings for posture support and alignment. Choose the right size for optimal comfort. Gradually correct leg alignment with airbag pressurization and removable aluminum strips. Start your journey to healthier legs today!

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Product parameters

Product Size Calf Knee Thigh Length
Adult models (air pressure models above 1.5M) 63cm 72cm 80cm 41cm
Children’s models (air pressure models below 1.5M) 55cm / 65cm 32cm
  1. Targeted Models: Choose adult size (above 1.5M height) or children’s size (below 1.5M height) for optimal fit.
  2. Comfort & Breathability: Enhanced auxiliary belt ensures comfort and breathability during wear.
  3. Scientific Correction: Precise correction through scientifically designed auxiliary belt.
  4. Adaptive Nylon Braided Belt: Gradual adaptation with about 1.5 hours daily use for the first two weeks, fostering habits and gradual strength tightening.
  5. Effective Treatment: Achieve results in 2-3 months with around 2 hours daily usage after initial adaptation.
  6. Airbag Pressurization: Both-side airbag pressurization for effective physical traction with moderate strength.
  7. Contoured Aluminum Strip: Concentrated leg support with removable, contoured aluminum strips on both sides.
  8. Comprehensive Coverage: Thigh, knee, and calf belts with widened design for comprehensive coverage and secure fit.
Product List:

Each package includes:

  • 1 Leg Corrector in OPP bag
  • 1 Knee Anti-Skid Pad
  • 1 Certificate of Authenticity
  • 1 English User Manual













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Children, Adult


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How do I choose the right size for these leggings?

f your height is above 1.5 meters, opt for the adult model. For heights below 1.5 meters, the children's model is recommended.

How long should I wear these leggings daily for effective results?

To adapt and cultivate habits, wear the nylon braided belt for about 1.5 hours a day during the first two weeks. After adapting, use it for around 2 hours a day, with each session lasting no less than 30 minutes. The recommended treatment cycle is 2-3 months.

Can you explain the airbag pressurization and aluminum strip features in detail?

These leggings employ airbag pressurization on both sides, which provides moderate strength physical traction. Additionally, long aluminum strips are built into the sides, fitting the leg's contours and concentrating support. These aluminum plates are removable, enhancing comfort and flexibility during use.

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Leg Correction Belt: O-Shape & X-Shape Leg Support Leggings
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