V-Line Sleeping Face-Lift and Anti-Wrinkle Mask

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Discover the ultimate beauty secret with our V-Line Contouring Sleep Mask. This innovative mask combines the power of anti-wrinkle technology and facial slimming for a natural face lift effect. Indulge in the soothing mask massage while the relaxation bandage gently shapes and rejuvenates. Unveil a trendy, youthful appearance with our all-in-one beauty solution.

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Product Description:

Unveil the secret to a captivating and youthful visage with our V-Line Contouring Sleep Mask. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mask harnesses the potency of anti-wrinkle technology and facial slimming for an all-in-one beauty experience that’s second to none.

Instructions for Use:

Experience a remarkable transformation as you wear this mask. Gently wrap it from the top of your head to your chin to sculpt the enchanting contours of your face. The humanized design, featuring soft adjustable buckles, ensures your convenience and comfort.

The chin area boasts a low-elastic artificial rubber material that avoids any discomfort, making your journey to beauty a painless one. Whether you’re taking a well-deserved rest or engaged in everyday activities, this mask effortlessly creates a charming and refined facial appearance.


Handle the mask with care, being mindful of your nails to avoid fabric scratches. Should you feel a snug fit, consider making the necessary adjustments. Over time, you’ll adapt to the gradually increased usage period.

  1. Enhanced breathability and skin comfort for a luxurious feel.
  2. The low-rebound material offers sustained, gentle pressure for an effective outcome.
  3. The scalp-facing side is reinforced for strength and slip-resistance, utilizing natural rubber.
Product Effect:

The face-forming belt commences its transformative role from the scalp during sleep, enhancing facial dimensions. Guided by the principles of physics, it ensures skin remains taut and muscles retain their ideal positions, resulting in a youthful appearance. The anti-skid natural rubber design in the hair area further tightens the effect, differentiating our product from conventional face-molding solutions. Upon wearing, you’ll instantly sense a lift, with your facial muscles visibly revitalized.

Important Notes:
  • Not for Use During Sleep or Bathing: Avoid wearing the mask while sleeping or bathing.
  • Tightness Adjustment: Ensure the mask is comfortably adjusted, avoiding excessive tightness.
  • Recommended Usage: We recommend using the mask for 20-40 minutes per session. If discomfort arises, remove the mask.
  • Care and Maintenance: Wash with warm water below 40 degrees Celsius. Avoid using bleach or high-temperature treatments. Handwashing is ideal, and ensure it is dried naturally. Do not twist when drying.
  • Usage Restrictions: Do not use on wounded areas, children, pregnant women, those with heart conditions, hypertension, or skin diseases.
  • Storage: Store away from direct sunlight.
  • Package Contents: 1 x V-Line Contouring Sleep Mask

Elevate your beauty regimen with our revolutionary sleep mask and experience the joy of achieving a gracefully sculpted appearance.

Weight 120 kg


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How does this product work?

The product employs a combination of anti-wrinkle technology and gentle facial slimming to create a natural face lift effect. It supports the facial muscles and skin during sleep, promoting a youthful appearance.

Can I wear this product while sleeping?

No, we recommend against wearing the product while sleeping. It's designed for use during waking hours or when engaged in non-sleep activities. This ensures both comfort and effectiveness.

How long should I use the product each time?

For optimal results, we suggest using the product for 20-40 minutes per session. However, if you experience any discomfort, it's recommended to discontinue use.

Is the product adjustable for different head sizes?

Absolutely. The product features a humanized design with soft adjustable buckles, making it convenient and comfortable to use for various head sizes.

Can pregnant women or individuals with certain health conditions use the product?

Individuals who are pregnant, have heart conditions, hypertension, skin diseases, or wounds should refrain from using the product. Please consult a medical professional before using if you have any concerns.

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V-Line Sleeping Face-Lift and Anti-Wrinkle Mask
Original price was: £20.00.Current price is: £18.24.

Availability: 1332 in stock

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